Getting Started

1) Ask yourself the folowing questions:

a) What skills and resources do I have to share?

E.g. Cooking, growing food, preserving food, sewing, fixing things, emotional support, networking, admin skills, organisation, computers... etc.

b) How can I decrease my dependence on the system?

E.g. reducing my expenses, exchanging with neighbors, bulk orders with friends, finding new networks to do business... etc.

c) With whom can I trust:
  • to share skills and resources?

  • to support my freedom of choice?

  • to help me to live more independently from the current system?

  • for emotional support?

2) Start meeting regularly to ask the questions of each member above, and document what skills and resources each person needs and can share with each other.

Give time for each person to discuss what they can share, and what their needs are, discuss ideas to faciliate sharing resources. This could be as simple as local knowledge, tools and emotional support. Start where you are, and build from there. Everyone has something to give, no matter how small.

Brainstorm together who else is in your network, that can contribute to the above and who might want to participate.

Many people are feeling very isolated and unsure what to do to meet this crisis, but you don't have to do this alone.

Find a Freedom Cell

If you are ready to meet others and work together to build an alternative network with likeminded people join the Freedom Cells community to find members in your local area.

Get help to find others... Join Community

Inspired to take immediate action?

Start a freedom cell

If you can think of at least 2-3 people in your life who you can count on for the above, that is a basis to start a cell, and ideally grow to include 6-10 people.

Everyone is welcome take get started with the steps above, and join the broader network to share what you've learned, connect with and help the broader network in Portugal.

Join an operational cell

The Portugal network already has individuals working together to build the systems, networks and information to meet individual needs and help others do the same.

In additional to local cells in each area, there are functional project teams, set up for a short term or long term, to create solutions that benefit other local cells as well as your own.

For example, some are helping others with privacy and secure communications; others are documenting prepping lists, off grid solutions, and agriculture or permaculture knowledge; others are helping others to understand agorism/trade/barter/alternative currency solutions etc...

Do you have skills you can share or offer to help build the freedom cells network?

Join a team of other likeminded people working on a range of projects like:

Alternative education, legal rights, land sharing, permaculture, security, and much more...

Ideas for local actions

  • Offer to organise meetups to find likeminded people in your area, to help others find each other

  • Find local farmers, food suppliers and online resources to order food in your area

  • Create a list of people you trust to continue to provide basic services

  • Start prepping together and individually to undergo times of limited access to resources including banks, supermarkets, electricity, fuel, water and gas

  • Network with people and direct them to the concept of Freedom Cells.

  • Start guerilla gardening and land sharing to grow, share and preserve food

  • Create sewing and knitting groups for emotional support, make beautiful things (a proper alternative to retail therapy!)

  • Offer to repair and build instead of buying

  • Start a cooperative together, or buying group to save money with bulk orders.

Here is a short introductory video to explain the concept a little more:

Do you see value in this concept? Are you ready to create community, a better future and protect your individual freedoms?

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