Note: Try to avoid using Telegram for communications as much as possible, as it is not a secure platform. Once you have contacted your cell and set up a live meeting, try using another platform for messaging.



  • Central Algarve - Contact Telma or Carlos @Ka8cu on Telegram.
  • SW Algarve Room - Contact Telma on Telegram. Contact @bia on Element.
  • SE Algarve - Contact @Tina or Telma on Telegram.

Central Region

  • Aveiro - Contact @SergioCoelhoPT on Telegram.
  • Castelo Branco - Contact @MayaBeee on Telegram. Contact @stormkrowe on Element.
  • Central Portugal Freedom Cell - Contact @Rubio1991pt, @oliviapx or @June_395 on the General Chat Room on Telegram. Contact @June_395 on Element.
  • Leiria/Oeste - Contact @maps on Telegram.
  • Tábua - Contact IPXMAN on Telegram.
  • Penela/Lousã/Miranda do Corvo - Contact JJJinPT or @Amandaherbalist on Telegram.
  • Célula WCH (westcoasthub) - Peniche / Lourinhã / Serra Del Rey / Óbidos - Contact @Tusab3s on the General Chat Room on Telegram.
  • Guarda - Contact @imbondeiro on Telegram.
  • Seixo da Beira FC - Contact @eusoualessandra on Telegram.

Lisbon Region

  • Lisbon Freedom Cell AML – Contact @Imbondeiro on Telegram.
  • Mafra/União Mafra/Sintra - Contact Nuno @madzzzb on Telegram.
  • Freedom Cell de Sintra - Contact Rita Tchenka on Telegram.
  • Verdade e Liberdade Sintra - Contact Paulo Andes or Marco Blackwell on Telegram.
  • SW Alentejano Freedom Cell - Contact @Frankie_du_Champ or @NalaW on Telegram.

North Region

  • Porto/North Cell - Contact @dangaina, @apf001 or @bayls514 on Telegram and Element.
  • Minho Cell - Contact @riaslof on Telegram.
  • Valença Cell - Contact Mathijs @mathijsfietst on Telegram.


  • Ribatejo Freedom Cell - Contact @Fagi11 on Element.
  • Resistência Ribatejana - Contact @dxvargas on Telegram.
  • Setúbal Municipality - Contact @NalaW on Telegram.

Portuguese Islands

  • Madeira - Contact @MMS070 on Telegram.


Off-topic links and discussions - Telegram room.

Prepping group - Telegram room.

Seed sharing - Telegram room.

Germ-free Freedom Cells - Telegram room.

PTFC House building channel - Telegram room.

Comunicações Alternativas - Telegram room.

Freedom Families with Teens Portugal (FFTP) – For members with teenagers 13-19 years. Entry by invitation only and some entry criteria required. Contact @apf001 or @Asha_Pasha.

Emotional/Spiritual support calls/ Chamadas de apoio emocional/espiritual - Contact DM/MP @Mayabeee.