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We use Telegram to help new members find information about Freedom Cells, share news and ask questions, and assist them to connect with each other.
We don't use Telegram for anything considered private.

This channel is an introduction for people to share with their friends who are new to the concept: Soluções e Alternativas Portugal

Our main Telegram channel and public discussion: Portugal Freedom Cell


Unfortunately Telegram is a public channel with unencrypted communications, as bad as Facebook and Whatsapp - it is centralised and prone to censorship.

While Telegram is a useful entry point for many people to connect, we recommend people move to Element as soon as possible.

Element can be decentralised, has stronger security, and encryption.

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Freedom Cells Worldwide

If you have friends or family outside of Portugal you can use the global freedom cells website to connect with the worldwide movement.

They will need to register at (with an ALIAS) and try to get in touch with people near them (see member map). For security and privacy reasons - use a nearby city or region, NOT your home address!

The Structure of Freedom Cells

Once you get a handful of people (preferably in your immediate vicinity), be on the lookout for infiltrations and / or unbalanced people that can disrupt or put you in a bad situation. Feel free to exclude them.

You now have an "inner cadre", the basic measure of the Freedom Cells concept, based on trust.

Where possible establish a culture of privacy. E.g. not sharing addresses or phone numbers online, or in contact lists, using public meeting points prior to gathering, and switching phones off during meetings.

In a study done by John David Garcia and Bob Podolsky in 2005, later published in book form (Creative Transformation: A Practical Guide for Maximizing Creativity), they found that 8 people is the optimal number for a group to be as creative as possible, and that creativity is one of the most important attributes that an individual and/or group can have. This is not a rule and definitely not mandatory, but we advise that the "inner cadre" should consist of 7 to 9 members, less may mean little dynamism and more may lead to a scattering of themes.

  • 8 members - inner cell (cadre)

  • 8 inner cells (64p) - middle cadre (middle cadre)

  • 8 middle cadres (512p) - mega cadre

  • 8 mega cadres (4096p) - meta cadre


"In the beginning, small groups can work together to achieve goals, such as ensuring every member has access to spare food, encrypted communications, a security plan (having a safe place for anyone who needs to escape), and making sure all participants have access to means of defense.
Meanwhile, cell members make themselves available to provide mutual aid within their "tribe" in any way possible.
The groups then begin to encourage the creation of other small groups, while existing cells organize themselves into larger decentralized groups.
Like the small groups, the larger ones also have the goal of securing the collective sovereignty of the group members through peaceful resistance and the creation of alternative institutions.
By building alternative support networks, such as local production networks, health services, mutual defense groups, peer-to-peer economies, and communication networks, Freedom Cells will be able to disconnect and disassociate themselves from state institutions that they do not consider worthy of their support.
Once the groups become large enough in numbers, it becomes possible for participants to come out en masse and secure their freedom themselves."

Always be persistent and self-motivated - that's how things start to happen! ;)

Do you see value in this concept? Are you ready to create community, a better future and protect your individual freedoms?

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